Aqueous is truly a “Mom-and-Pop” operation.

Since it’s inception, from her desk in the home office on the edge of small West Virginia town, Sue Ann Kearns (Mom) kept the organization’s records and finances in impeccable shape. With flawless precision, she made sure that every donor rapidly received a hand-written “thank you” note. She collected photos from projects, online articles and news clippings about our work, and presented these materials every year in a home-made display at her church’s “alternative giving fair” that takes place during the Christmas season. Though not an international traveler herself, a great number of our field projects have been funded by various activities she undertook in support of the organization.

Tragically, in late 2012 Mom was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and she died the following Spring. In her ultimate act in support of science and public health, she donated her bodily remains for the purposes of education and research at the local medical school.

As we grieve her loss, Dad (Rob Kearns) has taken over minding the home office. He may not be as prompt as Mom at getting thank you notes mailed out, but they’ll get there. Dad does have some actuarial training from “way back when,” but gets most of his book-keeping and budgeting acumen from having learned at the side of the master (Mom) for forty years.

We’re glad to have Dad on board, and keep the “Mom-and-Pop” method of operating in tact for our small, tight knit organization.