Brecht Deriemaeker, originally from Belgium, graduated with master degrees in both Electromechanical Engineering and Industrial Product Design. Brecht has been doing numerous appropriate tech installations include solar energy, wind power, water treatment, highly efficient wood combustion for essential oil distillation, high-temperature medical waste incineration and many natural building projects.

As a professional Permaculture consultant and designer, Brecht has worked on   masterplans for projects in China, India, Guatemala, Thailand and Barbados. He combines ecological design with engineering and his ambition is to redesign the world’s industrial and agricultural systems into examples of true regeneration. He doesn’t believe in isolated technical problems but looks at design in a holistic context with problems as pointers towards huge opportunities for global change.

His strengths are analytical thinking, 3D modeling, technical prototyping, anything electrical, tropical agriculture, off-grid systems and website design. He loves to work internationally and responds well to fast-changing and uncertain situations.