Aqueous Solutions is consortium of research scientists, field engineers, and ecological designers working to promote livelihood security, environmental and economic sustainability, and local self-reliance through ecological design and appropriate technologies in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

We conduct field and laboratory research on decentralized, small-scale water treatment and ecological sanitation systems. We provide technical consulting and project management services for sustainable WASH infrastructure development in collaboration with rural/remote, indigenous, and politically and economically marginalized communities. And we provide experiential education opportunities for science, engineering, and ecological design students through our intern program.

Our Focus Areas Include
  • enhanced water supply ::: e.g. rainwater harvesting, spring catchment, gravity flow distribution systems, solar pumping
  • improved water quality ::: e.g. charcoal/biochar filtration, slow-sand and bio-sand filtration, and solar and UV disinfection
  • ecological sanitation design and infrastructure ::: e.g. composting toilets, ecological greywater treatment, and constructed wetlands
  • hygiene promotion ::: e.g. handwashing stations (e.g. tippy-taps), and homemade soaps

With the help of our in-country partners, we also promote decentralized energy systems (e.g. solar, micro-hydro), sustainable practices for affordable housing through natural and earthen building (e.g. adobe and cob, natural plasters and paints), as well as food security and agricultural micro-enterprise (e.g. agro-forestry, organic gardening, seed saving, aquaponics).

Our approach for intervention in the WASH sector blends participatory community development methods with stimulation of local social entrepreneurship and emerging market-based approaches.

Aqueous Solutions is a 100% volunteer-run non-profit organization based in the United States and Thailand.